The Restaurant - A shopping theme

Allows you to create a single end product for use, by you or your client, which end users are not charged for.


  1. Supports google web fonts.
  2. Online ordering.
  3. Bootstrap navigation menu with multi dropdown menu.
  4. Block and page headings with background image.
  5. Bootstrap Carousel for recent items gallery.
  6. Testimonials using slider.
  7. Gallery section with Magnific popup.
  8. Three column footer section.
  9. Uses LESS for theme colors.
  10. Base file to create new pages.
  11. About us page with restaurant details and chefs details.
  12. Blog page and Blog single page with sidebar and comments section.
  13. Shopping items page for online order.
  14. Add to cart animation on shopping items page.
  15. Single item page for item details and ordering.
  16. Checkout page with checkout information.
  17. Contact page with map, form, and address.
  18. 404 error page.
  19. General page with general details like about, disclaimer, etc., in nav tabs.
  20. Menu page with item menu and price.
  21. Nutrition info page with items nutrition values.
  22. Recipe page with recipe details.
  23. Reserve seat page with slider and reservation form.
  24. Supports font awesome icons.
  25. Professional restaurant theme fully responsive.